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fleche rubrique CONTROL JIGS

fleche sous rubrique CONTROL JIGS

With 15 years’ experience in designing and producing testing jigs for the automotive and aeronautics industries, we also specialise in fuel line testing.


fleche sous rubrique TEST BENCH PARTS

For your in-laboratory bench tests, we also provide a whole range of support studs and flexible cores.
Applications: Repetitive, ageing, stress testing, etc.

Find out everything about our profession and its applications through our many areas of expertise in designing prototypes, our design office and our technicians in the workshop.
Contact us for more information on our skills (3D printing, additive manufacturing, fast prototyping) and come and meet us.

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40 chemin de la Croix
Z.A.C des Césardes
74600 SEYNOD


Our partners:
- Etudin'3D
- LG3

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