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Stereolithography is used to rapidly produce your mock-ups and prototypes from a 3D model of your design.

A photosensitive liquid epoxy resin is photo-polymerised by an ultraviolet laser beam. The object is manufactured in successive layers. These layers (50µ to 500µ thick) are stacked on top of each other until the final object is achieved.

Resins used:
Flexible or rigid epoxy resins ABS, PP, PE, PBT and ceramic types.
Transparent resin,
A high temperature-resistant resin (>250° C).

fleche sous rubrique POWDER SINTERING

Powder is spread on a bed inside a machine and heated to 180°C. An infrared laser beam burns the design into the powder and solidifies it into functional prototypes.

These prototypes are slightly granular and less precise than those produced by stereolithography, but are stronger. Sintering is used to produce objects intended for handling with properties much like those of an injected plastic part.

Materials used:

fleche sous rubrique ABS FILAMENT EXTRUSION

This technology is used to produce prototypes layer by layer by extruding a melted filament of ABS, polycarbonate, or polyphenylene sulfone .

The advantage of this technology lies in its ability to test the thermal and mechanical properties of your production parts.

fleche sous rubrique THERMOJET

Starting from a 3D file, this technology produces wax prototypes without having to produce expensive tooling.

The prototypes are mainly used in industrial investment casting to produce aluminium, steel, titanium and super alloy parts...

Maximum part size: 250x190x200 mm

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